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Welcome to PureOptics LED by BLACK+DECKER! It is our mission to offer the highest quality, most intuitive LED lighting fixtures and devices available on the market today. Whether you’re looking for task lighting, under cabinet lights or desktop lamps, our products demonstrate unrivaled attention to quality design and detail. With bright lumen outputs, natural color temperatures and special features like dimmable settings and USB ports, these LED lights are a favorite among homeowners and designers alike. Read on to learn more about the individual product lines we carry.

LED Desk Lamps

Each of our LED desk lamps is designed with you in mind. PureOptics Technology emits crisp, high contrast lighting and true, brilliant colors—making these lights the perfect desktop, office or workplace companion. The secret lies in the LED bulbs high quality color temperature. At a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin, the desk lamps’ light replicates natural daylight, which is proven to reduce eyestrain, boost your mood and increase productivity—something we could all benefit from adding to our workday!

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Transform the look and feel of your kitchen in minutes with this line of under cabinet lighting kits! While other packages may require an expensive, professional installation or feature ugly puck lights that offer uneven lighting, the PureOptics LED system makes those issues a thing of the past. Each kitchen lighting kit contains all the supplies needed for an easy, DIY application that can be accomplished in three easy steps! Furthermore, our high quality LED light bars provide the most evenly spread light available—no more hotspots or uneven color. PureOptics Technology combines high quality LEDs with an optimized diffusing element to create a bright, expanded light zone – perfect for under cabinet and task lighting. Light up your workspace for totally visibility while prepping dinner with the family, reading recipes or even pouring a glass of wine! Even when you’re not working in the kitchen, LED under cabinet lights create an inviting glow that instantly makes your kitchen look more modern and high end.