Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting
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Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting

How to Use Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting

Turn on this motion sensor under cabinet lighting with just the wave of a hand! It's 100% tool-free to install. No electricians, wiring, or drilling is required! Each lighting kit comes with everything needed for DIY installation under your cabinets, including a motion sensor control box. When the control box senses motion within a few inches of the sensor, it turns the lights on or off. It's as easy as that! Assemble this motion sensor under cabinet lighting easily, in minutes. Choose a convenient location to place the motion sensor, like the corner of your cabinet. When you walk into your kitchen, simply wave your hand under the location of the control box and your entire lighting system will turn on!

This line of under cabinet lighting does more than meets the eye. It's made with high quality LED lights that come in different color temperatures. Choose warm white for a soft, inviting glow. Pick cool white for a bright, invigorating illumination. Natural daylight is also available. This color temperature is known to boost productivity and mood. Choose the color temperature you'd like best in your kitchen! Each thin light bar is dimmable and has 10 brightness settings. When using the motion sensor, the light will remember the brightness level it was set to and turn on automatically at that level. This lighting has it all!