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Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen, office, bathroom or tucked away closet, then LED under cabinet lighting is your go-to. Our under cabinet lighting systems provide versatile placement, easy installation and are budget-friendly. Each system is dimmable, linkable and hands-free, plus are available in various color temperatures. They’re a DIYers dream!

Why LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

A quick an affordable way to upgrade any living space is to add ambient under cabinet lighting. Easy to mount and configure to your space, these LED light bars are designed to enhance without the stress often associated with home projects. Whether you are working on a full renovation or giving your space a facelift, ambient lighting is a great tool. Add it to kitchen cabinets, a home office, bathroom counters, bookshelves or any other dark spots in your home. Light bars have the capacity to make any space perfect!

LEDs provide the most energy-efficient lighting, especially when compared to incandescent lights. This means that you'll save money on your energy bill because it uses the least amount of energy. In addition, LED lights last 85% longer than a traditional light. Our LED under cabinet lights can last up to 15 years! Read more about how to save money with LED's.

Which System Should I Choose?

Puck Lights – First Timers

New to the UCL world? Don’t sweat it. Puck lights provide LED lighting in a snap. It’s a five-minute installation process that is bound to leave you smiling. Simply peel and stick them above any stove, microwave or sink for easy, hassle-free illumination. Ultimately, they’re the easiest to install but offer similar benefits as out UCL systems. The round structure may be what catches your eye, but this stick on lighting option is also super affordable and will give you the quickest results, tool-free.

Light Bars – Experienced DIYers

We’re proud to say that the first under cabinet lights we ever introduced was our beloved tool-free LED under cabinet light bars. Sleek and ultra-thin, our LED under cabinet light kits bring a modern touch to any area you place them. Dimmable and coming in various color temperatures such as RGB, cool white, warm white, and natural daylight, they’re easy to install and operate. They’re all-inclusive, after all. What does that mean, exactly? You have everything you need to immediately illuminate your home. Truly, these linkable light bars do no wrong.

Push Connect – Professionals

Designed for the electrician or lighting pro, our Push Connect light bars pair beauty with quality technology to deliver top-of-the-line illumination. They’re a bit more detailed when it comes to setting them up. However, they are still super convenient as they are suited for on-site installation. Perfect for a kitchen at any stage – during construction, completely finished or being remodeled – these under cabinet light bars are compatible with standard outlets and direct-wire adapters! They’re the perfect way to upgrade your kitchen to fit your needs.

Where Can I Install UCL?


Who wants to cook in dim light? No one. Spice up your kitchen with LED under cabinet lighting! Our kitchen lighting systems are designed to suit any kitchen, no matter the shape or size. That’s why they come in various bar lengths and kit sizes. They’re also designed to jump over sinks, stoves, microwaves, and shelves, making installation a breeze and your kitchen fully illuminated.


Did you know that under cabinet desk lighting is just as important as brightening up your home? Adopt our UCL units into your work life as they’re great for the office! Install them in any cubicle, workstation or break room to brighten any desktop or ill-lit area. It’s no surprise that quality lighting has a positive effect on your productivity levels. If nothing else, it’s unique lighting that will make your co-workers jealous!

The best feature of these LED lighting systems is that they’re truly versatile for use in any space, including:

  • Islands & Peninsulas
  • Pantry Shelving
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Workbenches
  • Closets
  • Home Offices
  • Book & Display Cases