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DIY Under Cabinet Lighting

Upgrade your home, apartment or office instantly when you use our DIY under cabinet kitchen lighting kits. Each system is tool-free and offers many benefits beyond stellar illumination – automatic shutoff, 10 brightness settings and motion sensor controls are among the unique features that make our budget-friendly LED options some of the best.

Which LED Lighting Kits to Choose

Puck Lights

Looking for a 5-minute installation process but still want crystal-clear, eye-catching lighting? Well, look right to our LED Puck Lights for the answer. These round under cabinet lights provide a light zone of up to 24 inches and are linkable up to 7 lights. With a hands-free motion sensor control and easy-mount installation, these dimmable puck lights are great for under cabinets, over counters and shelves, inside closets and above sinks.

Shop kit sizes of 3, 5, and 7 lights in either in warm white color temperature or RGB light. The RGB kit features a remote control for operation and instant color selection. Pre-attached jumper wires barely make installation a thought in your mind. Each light has 10 brightness levels for obtaining your desired lighting any time of day.

Light Bars

The bars are ultra-thin, meaning they are less visible and take up less space. When buying, you may choose from a selection of warm white, cool white or natural daylight light bars, depending on which look you’re going for. Warm white provides candle-like illumination, while cool white is ideal for crisp, task lighting. Need a pop of color? Try our RGB light kit that provides endless color options! Every bar features multiple brightness levels, allowing you to adjust the dimness to suit any time of day. For a modern touch, you don’t need to touch them at all! These LED light bars are motion-sensor operated with an on/off switch and have a light zone of 36 inches.

These tool-free kits are the best solution for any room lacking brightness. Bedroom or craft room? Great for by the desk! Bathroom or laundry room? Absolutely! Closet? Those could always use extra light! Each LED bar is linkable and comes in various lengths to perfectly fit any room or kitchen style. Only in need of a single light bar? Good thing we sell them individually as 1-bar accessory lights. Though, we prefer the full under cabinet light kits with numerous light bars. Choose from 1, 3 or 5 bar light kits ranging in bar lengths of 6”, 9”, 12”, 18” and 24”. No tools are ever required for installation as bar and wire mounting clips are included!

How to Install UCL Kits

Whether you’re working with the LED puck lights or light bars, installing your under cabinet lighting system is extremely easy. First, choose your plug location. This could be the outlet on the wall with your backsplash or one hidden within a cabinet. Next, you need to mount the lights. Do this by peeling the adhesive tape and sticking the light to any cabinet, counter or wall, or using the mounting clips. Finally, connect jumper wires to lights, install the control box and ta-da! You have stunning, tool-free under cabinet lighting.