LED Desk Lamps

These modern, designer LED desk lamps are designed to replicate natural daylight, making them the perfect desk companion! With an ideal 5000 Kelvin color temperature, these lamps ensure that your eyes don't get tired after a long day of work. Beside providing an ideal natural daylight light output, many of these LED task lights are also adjustable and folding. The lamps feature movable arms that make it easy to find the perfect positioning on your desktop. Plus, swiveling bases allow users to angle the LED light as they move around their workspace. Once the daylight desk lamp is positioned properly, users can also adjust to their desired brightness using a dimmable feature. Because accessible charging is a must have in today’s office environment, each of these modern architect lamps features a USB port for convenient smart phone and device charging!

About Natural Daylight Lamps

  • 5000 Kelvin color temperature to bring noon-time lighting indoors
  • Reduces eye strain
  • High lumen output at low wattage
  • High CRI for accurate, vivid color rendering across the visible spectrum
  • No glares and shadows
  • Flicker-free performance

Ideal for designers, architects, knitters, hobbyists and more, our magnifying lamps allow you to focus on what you’re best at! These high quality office, shop, and craft lights feature a 5-diopter grade glass lens, 34” adjustable reach, and USB power port. These daylight magnifier lamps are among our best sellers due to their high light output and powerful magnification. In case of sudden power outages, our bar lamp features a detachable flash light that automatically illuminates when the power goes out! Browse all the PureOptics LED desk task lights above.

Why are daylight lamps so ideal for task lighting? Studies have shown that when exposed to LED light of 5000 Kelvins or more in an office setting, workers were 16% more efficient. Additionally, office workers exposed to LED daylight lights reported lower stress levels and were absent from work less frequently. Improved cortisol levels from the ideal wavelengths that the LEDs give off lead to better moods, which in-turn lead to improved productivity. When you combine these positive affects with the high performance and durability of PureOptics LED daylight lights you have a light fixture that is truly the ideal task light!