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LEDs vs. CFLs: A Buyer’s Guide to Lighting


Join us for the battle between CFLs and LEDs!
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4 Home Design Trends Making a Comeback


Decorate your home with inspiration from past interior design trends!
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Early Predictions for Super Bowl 2019 (Hint: It's Not a Team or How LEDs are Changing the Game)


Join us as we predict what you'll see next Super Bowl! There's more to the game than the game itself.
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The Ultimate Guide to Lumens


What are lumens? How are they different from watts? All about lumens and why you should pay attention to this unit of measure!
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5 Interior Design Ideas to Steal from the Startup Revolution


Stay ahead of the curve with these design trends inspired by the startup revolution!
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5 Hottest New Lights for 2018


Looking to upgrade your office with the coolest new lighting of the year? Well, you've come to the right place...
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Coolest Kitchen Design Trends of 2018


Find out exactly what kitchen design trends are hot this year!
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3 Hot Home Design Trends for 2018 & 1 We Are Happy to See Go!


Catch up on the popular home trends of the year!
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RGB LED Lighting Uses & Benefits


That's right - RGB lights have benefits among their stunning color options! Read about them here!
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Buyer's Guide to Optimal Office Lighting


Unhappy with your office lighting? Find out more ways to incorporate productive lighting into any office!
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