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Floor Lamps

LED Floor Lamps

When you need more illumination but have run out of desk space, look no further than to our LED floor lamps. They’re quite stunning if we do say so ourselves. Lighting up your direct area and everything around it, these modern floor lamps are ultra-thin to stay sleek in the corner. Though, don’t become confused. While they stay out of your way, they are still an eye-catching additive to any room decor. Browse the handy features below!

Where Can You Use This Modern Lamp?

Office: Perfect for any office, waiting room, lounging area or corporate space, our tall LED floor lamps are designed to optimize task lighting. Place them in any corner to go from dull to decadent illumination. Our floor lamps are ideal for any time of day but can be especially great for getting you through the afternoon slump.

Living Room: Your reading corner is looking a bit dull. Luckily, our LED floor lights can fix that. Our stand-up lamps are incredible for in your living room while entertaining guests or watching TV. To help you wiz through your current read, the floor lamp with a reading light is just what you need. It features a main light with a second adjustable light branching off. From relaxing to hosting some of your favorite people, our contemporary floor lamps are the perfect accent to any living room or room in your home.

What Features does this Floor Lamp Offer?

Color Temperature: What kind of light are you feeling? Maybe a crisp, cool white light is perfect for your office and hobby needs. Say, maybe a craft room? Though, it’s hard to pass up on the warmth the warm white color temperature offers. A safe bet is always the natural daylight option that provides a natural vibrancy. No matter which color temperature you choose for your LED floor lamp, the CRI is stunning. What does that mean? Our lamps accurately show an object’s true color!

Dimming: Don’t settle for poor illumination when you don’t have to! Our dimmable floor lamps are the solution to all your hard-to-see problems. They are dimmable and flicker-free to suit any need or task at hand. You no longer have to worry about something so lengthy toppling over; a weighted base ensures stability. Providing a modern touch, they’re powered by touch-sensitive power control. You know what that means! No fumbling around trying to locate the on/off switch.

Modern Torchiere Design: No more old fashioned lampshades. We’ve taken on a modern torchiere design on our floor lamps, meaning that lamp head is a bold, bowl-shaped design lighting up any room in style. Light is directed upwards, meaning you never have to worry about glare. Think of it as a flameless torch - warm, inviting and beautiful.

Gooseneck Reading Light: Who doesn’t love a product that adjusts to suit all your needs? Our beloved LED floor lamp features a gooseneck reading light. What does that entail, exactly? A complimentary accent light that stems from the lamp arm to provide stellar illumination while you’re studying hard for your upcoming presentation or reading your favorite bestseller. Talk about convenience!

Don’t second guess your choice. Cost-efficient LEDs last up to 30,000 hours and use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs. It’s the smarter option, no doubt.