Find accessories for all your PureOptics LED products in this page. Mounts for LED desk lamps allow the lights to be attached to desks. Extend your under cabinet lighting kit using one of four lengths of jumper wires. Connect multiple light bars together using an extender accessory. Organize and hide wires using additional adhesive wire clips. With this wide selection of accessories, the different kit configurations are endless!

Add these accessories to your BLACK+DECKER under cabinet lighting kit to totally customize it for your kitchen. Use additional jumper wires to extend your system past stoves, fridges, and sinks. Choose between 12", 24", 30", and 108" jump wires. You can link 2 jumper wires together using the jumper extender accessory. An extra AC adaptor can be used to add more LED light bars to your system, which are also available to purchase separately on this page! Additional accessories include extra wire clips, light bar connectors, light bar brackets, magnetic mounts and more.