Exalt Flash™ Detachable Head LED Desk Lamp, Black

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Exalt Flash™ Detachable Head LED Desk Lamp, Black

267 Lumens 5 Watts 85 CRI Color Temperature

  • PureOptics™ LED Technology for energy-efficient, natural lighting that reduces eye strain while delivering vivid, true-to-life colors, rich contrast and unparalleled clarity
  • Lamp head automatically illuminates during a power outage or interruption for a sense of ease in dark situations
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the detachable lamp head provides up to an hour of portable lighting
  • Built-in USB power port for convenient device charging
  • Three dimmable brightness levels and memory function for last used setting
  • Adjustable lamp arm (23” reach) to position light zone and create bright focus areas
  • Cost-efficient PureOptics™ LEDs last up to 15 years and use 85% less energy than incandescent lamps
  • Flicker-free, extra wide light zone that is clear of shadows, halos and troublesome glares
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Exalt Flash™ Detachable Head LED Desk Lamp, Black

A truly modern desk lamp is one that combines contemporary design with useful functionality. Each of these lights features an intuitive flashlight head that automatically illuminates during power interruptions. Users can simply remove the lamp's head and use it as a flashlight as needed - it's battery-powered and automatically recharges when reconnected. The elegant design of this LED desk lamp also features a built-in USB port, two brightness settings, and an adjustable arm. Experience the power of PureOptics LED technology.

  • Multi-mount connector ability for versatility
  • 85 Color Rendering Index (CRI) for accurate, vivid color rendering across the visible spectrum
  • 5,000 Kelvin Color Temperature brings bright, noon-time lighting indoors
  • Produces bright 267 lumen output at a low, energy-efficient 5 watts

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DESCRIPTION: Exalt LED Bar Desk Lamp
UPC: 077914058021
COLOR: Black
LUX (AT 40 CM, 15.74"): 581
LENGTH: 13.5"
WEIGHT: 8.38 lbs.
AC ADAPTER: 120-240V, Output 18V, 1 Amps

Multi-Mount Connector

Preserve coveted desk space and increase the versatility of your lamp with the multi-mount connector. Simply remove the lamp from its base and insert into one of three available mounting accessories.

Intuitive Removable Lamp Head

Automatically lighting up during a power outage or interruption, this intuitive lamp head provides bright illumination and a sense of ease in dark situations. Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the lamp head can be easily removed from the arm to provide portable lighting for up to an hour.

Ultra Reach Lamp Arm

With a maximum reach of 23”, the adjustable lamp arm allows you to easily position the direction of your light zone and create bright, concentrated focus areas.

Optimized Diffuser

Reduce eyestrain and discover unparalleled clarity under a shadow and glare-free light zone. Created by a unique diffusing element, experience a bright and natural extra-wide lighting area that softly fades out to eliminate hot spotting.

USB Power Port

Effortlessly charge your most important devices with a built-in USB power port. This handy port can power all standard USB compatible devices even if the light is powered down.

One Touch Control

Adjust brightness levels and turn your lamp on or off from a single touchpoint. One tap powers the lamp on and smartly sets to your last brightness setting, while a light press and hold flips through three dimmable brightness levels. To power the lamp off, simply tap again. One touch control actions are fully-functional when the lamp head is removed from the arm.