A Smarter Way to Light Up Your Kitchen

Brilliant design meets convenient control with our smart, tool-free under cabinet lighting that's easy to set up, delightful to customize, and seamlessly integrates with the Amazon Alexa.

Works with Alexa

Use voice commands or the Amazon Alexa app to control, customize, create routines, and more.

Frustration-Free Setup

Simply peel, stick, and connect for brilliant lighting in minutes—no tools or third-party app required.

A Balanced Atmosphere

With flexible controls and light modes, achieve ambient, task, or accent lighting to set the mood for any occasion.

A Smarter Way to Get Connected

Young Business Woman Uses a Voice Command with the Smart Under Cabinet LightingYoung Business Woman Uses a Voice Command with the Smart Under Cabinet Lighting

Streamline Your Day

Experience smart lighting that works harder, so you don't have to. Using the native functionality of the Amazon Alexa system, you can set the scene and simplify your daily routines.

Perfect for winding down at the end of a long day, this preset mode dims your lights to a cozy, warm white at 30% brightness and enables a five-hour timer that automatically turns your lights off.
Use Amazon Alexa groups to pair and control smart devices together. You can group together multiple sets of under cabinet lights in a dedicated group and add your lights to a room (e.g., "Kitchen") with other devices (e.g., coffee maker, overhead lights). Groups can be created and controlled in the Amazon Alexa app and added to any type of routine.
Tie single or multiple actions into a voice command or automate actions based on schedules, location, and more. All of our under cabinet lighting controls can be added to routines using the Amazon Alexa app. Here are some of our favorite ways to use them!

  • Use a schedule-based routine to enable nightlight mode at the same time each night.
  • Create the voice command, "Alexa, good morning" that turns on your lights to warm white and 30% brightness.
  • Use a location-based routine that turns your lights on when you arrive home.
Mom Uses a Voice Command with the Smart Under Cabinet LightingMom Uses a Voice Command with the Smart Under Cabinet Lighting

Convenient Control

Enjoy uncomplicated operation, three different ways. With voice commands, app control, and on-product functions, you can control your lights from virtually anywhere — no hub required.

Whether you want to dim, brighten, or simply power your lights off, just ask Alexa! Our under cabinet lights come preset with 10+ voice commands and the option to create more using routines in the Amazon Alexa app.
If you're on-the-go or away from your Amazon Echo, you can still control every aspect of these lights using the Amazon Alexa mobile app.
Use the motion sensor for touch-free control with the wave of a hand or the buttons located on the smart control box.

Hands-Free Control

Motion sensor keeps hands clean to reduce the spread of germs.

No Hub Required

Control from anywhere using the Amazon Alexa app.

Nightlight Mode

Pre-programmed mode for warm light, 30% brightness, and a 5-hour timer.

Voice Control

Use simple voice commands, custom routines, and more to power and customize your lighting.

A Smarter Way to Install

Smart Under Cabinet Lighting Installed in Modern KitchenSmart Under Cabinet Lighting Installed in Modern Kitchen

1. Plan Your Layout

Simply choose your outlet location, lay out all your components, and get ready to install.

Close Up of How to Install Smart Under Cabinet LightingClose Up of How to Install Smart Under Cabinet Lighting

2. Peel and Stick

Apply each piece of your lighting kit with pre-applied adhesive pads — no tools or electrical work required.

Close Up of How to Connect Smart Under Cabinet LightingClose Up of How to Connect Smart Under Cabinet Lighting

3. Connect and Clip

Link everything together using easy-to-connect jumper wires, plug into an outlet, and get ready to connect.

Close Up of How to Connect Smart Under Cabinet Lighting to the Alexa AppClose Up of How to Connect Smart Under Cabinet Lighting to the Alexa App

4. Connect to Alexa

After plugging in, add your lights as a device in the Amazon Alexa app or your Wi-Fi connected Alexa-enabled device.


Flexible Layout


Ultra-Thin Design

All-Inclusive Kit

Variety of Sizes


Plugs into an outlet.

Flexible Layout

Route light bars in any direction.


Link up to 6 bars together.

Ultra-Thin Design

Thin sleek design for a modern look.

All-Inclusive Kit

Light bars come with everything you need to install.

Variety of Sizes


A Smarter Way to Set the Mood

Whether you're doing your weekly meal prep, entertaining guests, or simply brewing your morning cup of coffee, our adjustable brightness (10% - 100%) levels and tunable white light color (warm white, cool white, natural light) can create an ideal atmosphere for any of life's moments.

Ambient Lighting

Ready to set the mood? If you're having a chill night in, ambient lighting is key to creating the perfect atmosphere. Simply dim your under cabinet lights to a low percentage with warm white to exude warmth in any space.

Ambient Lighting
Task Lighting

Task lighting isn't always used in the office! In the kitchen, you'll want lighting that brightens your space so you can focus. Tuning your under cabinet lighting to a higher brightness with a cool white will help you with any task on hand.

Task Lighting
Accent Lighting

Looking to highlight your new artwork or dinnerware set? Using your under cabinet lighting as accent lighting is the perfect way to showcase some of your favorite household items.

Accent Lighting