Push Connect™ Under Cabinet Lighting

The only professional solution that installs cleaner in a fraction of the time.

Quick Installation

Our patented, push-to-connect light bars feature WAGO® Push-Wire Connectors for effortless installation.

No Pre-Planning Required

Simplify projects with our 25' jumper wire spool that allows you to cut custom jumper wire lengths on the job site.


Designed for versatile installation, our system saves you time and money without sacrificing a job well done.

How it Works

1. Choose Power Source

Direct Wire or Plug-In

2. Measure + Cut

3. Strip

4. Connect

The ultimate lighting system.

With an unparalleled installation, an ultra-thin design and a variety of features, the Push Connect system is the optimum choice for any under cabinet lighting project.

The solution for any job.

Our small 7/32" CLASS II compliant, low voltage wires allow connections in walls, under and through cabinets; making it an ideal solution for remodels, new and finished kitchens.

Build Your System

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