How to Install LED Under Cabinet Lighting - Tool Free

Step One: Choose an easily accessible outlet for your AC adapter.
Step Two: Remove adhesive backing and mount key components in their desired locations.
When selecting the location of your control box, consider where you want your hands-free motion sensor to be. Also ensure that the AC adapter cord can reach with some slack to be hidden later on.
Most kits include light bars with and without power buttons--be sure to place the bars with buttons in easy-to-access locations.
PRO TIP: Place each light bar 2.5" from the front of the cabinet facing. Use the spacer in your kit to help with this.
Step Three: Connect and clip all parts to complete your installation.
First, connect the motion sensor control box to the power source. Next, connect the control box to the first light bar using a jumper wire. In most cases a 4" wire is sufficient.
PRO TIP: Multiple jumper wire sizes are included in your kit. They can be used interchangeably to best suit your layout.
Lastly, connect the remaining light bars to each other using provided jumper wires. After all of your cords are connected, hide the wires. Use the wire clips provided to route and tidy up any loose or hanging cords for a professional look.
And there you have it—A professional installation of under cabinet lighting in only a fraction of the time - no tools required!

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