Push Connect Video

Push Connect Professional Under Cabinet Lighting

The world’s first push-to-connect light bar system is finally here, and it’s pretty impressive. These unique LED Push Connect under cabinet light bars are stunning as they provide bright, quality illumination in any corner of the kitchen. They are ideal for any kitchen, old or new, as they are linkable and dimmable. Our Push System is slim and bright, giving off powerful illumination and hands-free control. This system is both a power outlet or direct wire option, so you can decide which method of powering works best! Designed for the lighting pro, there’s a lot to boast about with these professional light bars.

Who is this LED Lighting System Designed for?

Simply put, this professional kitchen lighting system is designed for professionals. This includes electricians, contractors, and experienced homeowners and DIYers. It does require wire stripping and wire alignment, though it is still quite easy to set up in terms of mounting thanks to the mounting clips. And as for the jumper wires? No more needing to measure the exact amount of wire needed with our 125’ jumper wire spool.

These dimmable direct wire LED lights are at a great price point. They’re quite budget-friendly and easily affordable for the features they offer, including multiple brightness levels and hands-free control. The direct wire option does require electrical knowledge and a wire stripper, which is why we believe this is for the experienced professional.

How to Install Push Connect Light Bars

PureOptics’ Push Connect lighting system comes in three parts. First, select your desired light bars. Choose from a cool white light or an inviting warm white light. Each ultra-thin, energy-efficient bar is nine inches in length and is linkable up to 12 bars. That means no part of your kitchen has to suffer from dim lighting. Plus, the wire clips allow for easy installation.

Making it so unique are parts two and three: the jumper wires and power kit options. The jumper wire spool is what links the bars together and comes with wire clips for easy installation. All that is needed is a pair of wire cutters. It allows electricians and DIY pros to easily customize the exact length of wire right on the job, with no prior planning or measurements needed. Plus, it’s approved for under cabinet and in-wall installation, ideal for a full renovation or post-built kitchen setup. Simply strip the ends of the wire, align and push them into the sides of the light bars. It’s that easy! Lastly, choose between three power kits to power the whole system on. There is a 24 and 48-watt plug-in adaptor for easy operation, or a direct wire option for no outlet needed. Connect it to the hands-free control box and you’re done!