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Tool-Free Under Cabinet Lighting

DIY Under Cabinet Lighting Accessories

With so many kit options for our PureOptics under cabinet lighting, the opportunities to revamp your household illumination are endless. Naturally, tool-free under cabinet lighting accessories are a must. From mounting extras to jumper wires, we have everything you need to complete your LED under cabinet light bars with no problem.

1-Bar Accessory Lights

Have a large kitchen? Sometimes all you need is one extra bar. That’s where the 1-bar LED under cabinet accessory light comes in. This add-on extends your lighting kit to additional cabinets and comes in cool white, warm white, and natural daylight. Naturally, it has all the same features as the light bars in our tool-free kits, including 10 brightness levels and an auto-shutoff feature. Link these single bars to your existing LED light bars for added brightness!

Under Cabinet Lighting Mounts & Clips

Since our UCL kits are tool-free, that means installation is super easy with various mounting options. Accessories for our light bar system include wire clips, bar mounting clips and magnetic mounts.

The wire clips neatly organize and neatly all jumper wires. It hides all wires associated with your under cabinet lighting so nothing hangs down. No tools required for the adhesive backing, though there are also screw holes for more permanent installation!

As for securing your light bars under your cabinets, you can use the magnetic mounts or the light bar clips. It’s all up to you; what’s your preference? Both have an adhesive backing for quick, hassle-free set-up and are compatible with 9”, 12”, 18” and 24” bars. Any choice is a smart one!

Jumper Wires

You don’t have to be a pro to install our under cabinet lights. Purchase jumper wires to use in partnership with your PureOptics under cabinet lighting system. Available in lengths of 12”, 24”, 30” or 108” to fit any kitchen. Plug the ends of the wire into your existing light bars to extend the system to any counter, shelf or cabinet! It’s truly that simple.

Control Boxes, Adaptors & Extenders

Hands-free power control is one unique feature that makes our light bar system stand out. Purchase an extra motion sensor to create another power point in your lighting system. It turns the light bars on and off just with the wave of your hand and has an automatic shutoff feature after three hours. Of course, this is also tool-free to install thanks to the adhesive backing!

We also sell jumper wire extenders, along with light bar extenders to customize your system. Perfectly suit any kitchen, bathroom or closet! Each connects two jumper wires and two light bars together to create a longer, continuous unit.

Finally, to top everything off, you can buy an additional 24-watt AC adaptor. This guy brings power to your whole LED light bar system and can be used to create a separate system between sinks and stoves. Just plug it and connect with various light bars, jumper wires, and a control box. Use the AC adaptor extension cord to add additional length.