Professional Under Cabinet Lighting

Push Connect Professional Under Cabinet Lighting Accessories

A fan of the Push Connect system and need even more? Check out our handy accessories! Break your Push Connect system into two parts by using an extra AC adaptor. How? Plug it in and connect it to various Push Connect light bars and using a jumper wire. Choose from three different adaptors.

The 24-watt plug-in adaptor is compatible with linking up to six light bars and a 48-watt plug-in adaptor linkable up to 12 bars. These adaptors really bring power to the whole Push Connect system. The third option, a 48-watt direct wire option, requires no outlet! All three options feature a hands-free motion sensor power control box for easy operation.

Lastly, use the 25’ Push Connect jumper wire to easily link multiple light bars together to light up any space. No prior measurements are needed – this is an on-site DIY project you’re bound to love.