LED Lamp Accessories

LED Lamp Accessories

Exceptional LED lamps need some complimentary accessories, no? Besides, what’s a customizable light without being able to select how you secure it? Our LED lamps are super versatile, and our various mounting options make them even more supreme!

Choose from a clamp mount or through mount. The clamp-on mount adjusts to fit any desk or surface up to 2.5 inches thick. All you have to do is place it on any table or desktop edge and fasten it for security. The rubber padding prevents scratches to protect any surface. It’s a great option for temporary placement as you can continue to adjust and move this clamp-on mount.

For a more permanent display, the through mount provides mounting on any surface up to 1.75 inches thick. It secures the lamp to any table or desktop in any position you choose for the ideal workspace setup.

No limitations here! Both options allow the lamp base to swivel a full 360º to achieve the perfect light zone. The biggest bonus of all? No more clunky, oversized lamp base stealing too much area on your desktop. With either of the mounts, you save desk space, leaving more room for other work supplies and personal items.

Mounts compatible with the following PureOptics LED lamps: Exalt™ LED Bar Desk Lamp (LEDBAR7), Exalt Flash™ LED Detachable Head Desk Lamp (LED5ELIGHT), Summit Flex™ LED Ultra Reach Desk Lamp (LED10ARC) and Summit Zoom™ LED Ultra Reach Magnifier Desk Lamp (LED10ARCMAG).