When inside a large concert venue or sports arena, what’s the one aspect that can either make or break the event? That’s right, the lighting. Sometimes the displays alone are something that excites audience and invites them to cheer. Without quality, clear illumination, somebody's once-in-a-lifetime experience can be one that’s harshly interrupted. Remember the blackout during the 2013 Super Bowl? Luckily, LEDs are something that aren’t going away, especially in the most-watched television event each year.

What can you expect in 2019’s Super Bowl? How about…

Reliable Illumination

It’s safe to say that any type of light will be flicker-free and reliable. Lighting is never consistently the same, especially when outdoors. Steadiness is important in reviewing plays as they’re replayed in slow motion. The lighting change can be more noticeable in this case, so flicker-free lights are more likely to stabilize the visuals on screen. Since LEDs are great at maintaining a more consistent lighting palette, we’re confident on this one.

Vibrant RGBs

Remember how we said the lighting displays could add to the thrill in a stadium? That’s especially true with die-hard fans. Seeing their favorite team’s colors flashing on the perimeter of the field accelerates the excitement they feel within. They can thank RGB lights for that! They’re our current favorite forms of LEDs, so we stand by this prediction. Don’t forget about the always anticipated halftime performance…

Versatility & Flexibility

Live Design Online conducted an interview with Bob Barnhart, a lighting designer whose events include the Super Bowl. He noted that in this past 2018 event, many individual areas needed to be lit for the halftime performance alone: “This year’s show featured eight different performance areas, which in turn had Justin Timberlake looking/walking in seven different directions. So the key lighting positions become a big challenge. As we have discussed on previous Super Bowls, the followspot positions must be picked months in advance, well before the show has been developed.” This leads us to assume that next year’s game will require the same amount of planning and flexibility, particularly with lighting position.

Sharp Clarity

No matter how great the athletes are on each team, it would be exceedingly harder to catch and run across the field in dull lights filled with distracting glares. With that, crystal clear lighting with high CRI and lumen levels is what we expect. It'll influence each player's performance for the better. We also think natural daylight or cool white light color temperatures will be involved to better show detail.

We can't tell you which NFL teams you'll find at the Super Bowl next year, but we're certain that you'll see some impressive light displays in all corners of the stadium. After all, visibility is a key component of the game, on and off the field!